While acupuncture balances the body's energies through an external force, Chinese Medicine treats disease by altering the body's internal energies.

Certain herbs contain natural energetic substances whose essence gently corrects underlying deficiencies. While many of these botanical substances have been isolated and analyzed scientifically, it is their synergy which produces their potent effects.

By way of a thorough diagnosis, Chinese medicine will analyze your body's individual disharmonies and develop an intricate prescription to restore your delicate internal equilibrium. We will create a harmonizing formula designed precisely for you.

At Eastern Melody Acupuncture, we provide the best grade herb treatment possible. The herbs are grinded into powder form and placed in capsules to facilitate our patient in the intake of the herb.

Diagnosis and a week of prescribed herb is $48-$55 depending on the rarity of the herb. Addition herb is $28-$35 per week.